The Exclusives

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The Exclusives

It’s so exciting when clients’ big dreams come true!  Julian Linley’s idea for a TV programme has been taken up by ITV2 and will be on air in the next few months.

Called ‘The Exclusives’, the 60-minute show will follow six young journalists as they compete for a 12-month journalism contract.  The cameras will follow the trainees as they develop their skills and are coached and mentored in interviewing, organising photo shoots and connecting with their readers.

Julian, ex-editor of Heat and now Bauer’s creative director, told me how excited he is about the opportunity to show off the Bauer brands he is so proud of and at the same time give such an amazing opportunity to some young aspiring journalists.

He has an impressive track record and I know from my work with him what a supportive and positive leader he is  – the perfect person to inspire and motivate those trainees.  They don’t know how lucky they are.

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